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Why choose iForm?

Our Dynamic Form Builder Presents

  • Effortless Creation: Drag, drop, and customize! Build forms in minutes, with no coding required. Our intuitive interface makes creating dynamic forms a breeze, even for non-technical users.
  • Engage Your Audience: Ditch the boring questionnaires! Create interactive forms with branching logic, conditional jumps, and multimedia elements to keep your users engaged.
  • Boost Conversions: Dynamic forms adapt to user responses, making the process smoother and faster. This leads to higher completion rates and better conversions for your surveys, applications, or lead magnets.
  • Collect Valuable Data: With conditional logic, you can ask relevant questions based on previous answers. This gathers richer, more specific data that helps you understand your audience better


Basic or advanced, we have all the features you need to quickly create powerful online forms.

Collect data & files

Collect the data and files you need, on your terms.

Multi-Step Forms

Break long forms into smaller logical sections and convert them into multi-step forms with cool progress bars.

File Uploads

Collect all types of files through your form and access them whenever you need to.

Make sense of your data

Analyze your data with ease, and in whatever way suits you best.

  • Understand your data like a boss by using our Report Builder to build your own custom report.
  • Prefer to work in spreadsheets? No problem. Export your data and begin analyzing the responses on your favorite spreadsheet software in seconds.


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